Hotel Pavone Milano, albergo nei pressi del Conservatorio
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How to reach Hotel Pavone arriving in Milan

We are in the centre of Milan, very close to the cathedral, situated in the business and economic centre of the city.

By Train:

From the Central railway station you take the BUS n° 60 near the Hotel Gallia end you stop in Corso di Porta Vittoria /Savarè, so you are in front of the Hotel Pavone. By taxi 10 minutes.

By Car:

From the Motor way, you take the Tangenziale Est, exit to Forlanini, follow the centre of Milan, always in front, you arrive in a big square (Cinque Giornate) where there is the Big store COIN, after COIN , the second street on the right there is the Hotel Pavone.

By Airplan:

From Linate Airport BUS n° 73, you stop in Corso di Porta Vittoria /Savarè, so you are in front of the Hotel Pavone.
From Malpensa Airport the bus (shuttle) to the Central Station,50 minutes,from where you can take the bus 60 and get off at stop Vittoria/Savarè where you will find Hotel Pavone.

In the heart of the City...

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Via Dandolo, 2 
(traversa di di P.ta Vittoria)
20122 - Milano
Tel. +39 0255192133
Fax +39 0255192421


The Law Courts, the Conservatory, the General Hospital, the Mangiagalli clinic, the trade-union headquarters, the congress centre of “ Provincia”, the dermatology clinic, the psychoanalysis centre, the “S.Raffaele” diagnostic centre situated in via Respighi, the Villa Letizia clinic and the synagogue.

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Hotel Pavone - Via Dandolo,2 (Trav. di di P.ta Vittoria) - Milano - Tel. +39 0255192133 - Fax +39 0255192421